A Christmas Story Slot Machine

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, Sheri ran across this awesome A Christmas Story slot machine. You’ll shoot your eye out kid! Do you have a Cleveland photo you’d like to see featured on the site? Upload it here! That’s Cleveland Baby!!!Read More →

Sun Was A Fireball - Lisa Zone 11.22.2015

Sometimes you just have to take a moment and look out your window to see something incredible. Take a look at this majestic shot that Lisa captured. Do you have a Cleveland pic you’d like to share? Share it here and we’ll give you full credit! That’s Cleveland Baby!!!Read More →

Doesn’t the rhyme talk about April showers bringing May flowers? What’s up with this rain for what seems like the entire month of June?!?!? Former Cleveland and current New York resident Mike Waterhouse returned to Cleveland recently and snapped this awesome shot of a rain soaked East 4th Street. Got aRead More →

Cleveland Cavaliers FB - Keep The Faith Cleveland

The Cavs made an incredible run to the NBA Finals this past year. They posted this image to their Facebook page the night of the last game of the finals with a simple note: “Keep the faith, Cleveland.” We absolutely will. Thanks for the amazing ride Cavs. We can’t wait forRead More →

Fox 8 News FB

The Cavs made an awesome run this season. Coach David Blatt had this to say: “Not every story has a happy ending. Doesn’t mean it was a bad story.” That’s Cleveland Baby!Read More →