Not CLE but CBUS

A little break from the norm for today’s entry. When I first saw this pic scrolling through my Twitter timeline I thought it was Tower City from across the river. Turns out it’s actually a photo of downtown Columbus! Photo credit @OhioViews on Twitter. That’s Columbus baby!Read More →

Cavs WWE World Title Belt

If you know me at all you know I’m not only a huge Cleveland sports fan but I’m also a life long professional wrestling fan. Triple H (the real life COO of the WWE as well as an on-air performer) just tweeted this photo… and it’s perfect… He had thisRead More →

Aloft Cleveland

I snapped this photo of Aloft Cleveland all lit up back in June of 2013 right after it opened at a Tweetup. Aloft Cleveland Downtown is located in the heart of the business and entertainment district, near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Quicken Loans Arena, and theRead More →

The Miz & Manziel

WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” who happens to be from Cleveland posted this photo to his Twitter account a while back. I wanted to share it now because I have a feeling this photo isn’t going to be relevant for much longer… Do you have a Cleveland pic you’d likeRead More →

The Mall - Lisa Zone Twitter

Twitter user Lisa captured this beautiful shot of Cleveland and said simply: “The Mall is looking mighty green these days. #ThisisCLE”  Do you have a Cleveland pic you’d like to share? Upload it here! That’s Cleveland Baby!!!Read More →

Mo Williams

It wasn’t quite the news story that we got when LeBron came home, but Mo Williams made a splash on Twitter yesterday when he said those three words Clevelanders love to hear: “I’m coming home!!!!” Williams joins LeBron, Kevin Love and crew for the upcoming NBA season. You canRead More →

There's Always This Year

For years… decades even, a Cleveland sports fan’s mantra has been, “There’s always next year”. The Cavaliers are two wins away from making next year THIS year. The series resumes on Thursday at The Q with Cleveland carrying a 2-1 lead in the series. Tip is at 9:00 PM, gameRead More →

Fog Rolling Into Cleveland

The fog rolls into Downtown Cleveland. Not sure who to give credit to for this beauty… I originally saw it when Twitter user @rustbeltrants tweeted it. If you snapped it please let me know so I can give proper credit. That’s Cleveland Baby!Read More →

Terminal Tower In Teal

The Terminal Tower in Cleveland is certainly our most well known building. And you never know just what color it’s going to be on any given day.  Actually… that’s not true. If you look at this schedule and follow @TowerLightsCLE on Twitter you know EXACTLY what color it’s going to be! What’sRead More →

Downtown At Dusk

I ran across this amazing shot on Instagram the other day when scrolling through my timeline.  It was posted by the incredibly talented Mike Waterhouse.  And while Instagram can make even the most novice picture taker look like a pro, Mike is indeed just that.  Dude is AMAZING when heRead More →

Progressive Field Sunset

If you’ve read any of my stuff here, you’ll know that I’m a pretty big baseball fan.  That said, Progressive Field (Jacob’s Field to me, but that’s another story altogether) holds a special place in my heart.  I ran across this photo on Twitter the other day where user @GirlFromThe216Read More →