Thank You Baker Mayfield

There’s been a ton of Browns news lately. I’m not going to chronicle it here but I did have to sign off on Baker. I have been and continue to be a huge fan. And while Deshaun Watson is almost certainly an upgrade on the field I can’t help but feel sad that Baker won’t be our QB next year. To me, he embodied everything CLE.

Thank You Baker Mayfield

Thank you, Baker Mayfield, for our 1st winning season in 13 years, our 1st playoff game in 18 years, our 1st playoff win in 26 years, for changing the culture of an 0-16 team and for unlocking our beer fridges.

But most of all… thank you for waking up dangerously.

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The Cleveland Buzzards? I Could Get Behind That

It hurts my heart to think our baseball team may someday soon be renamed but I’ve heard a couple suggestions that give me a bit of promise. How about the Cleveland Buzzards? #cleveland #indians #buzzards #clevelandindians #clevelandbuzzards

WMMS The Buzzard

What do you think? Should Cleveland rename the Indians? 

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Believeland… Great Bottle of Wine

This is a REALLY good bottle of wine (and that’s to say I enjoy it. I’m not a wine connoisseur so it’s entirely possible that it’s not actually a good bottle of wine). The fact that it’s called “Believeland” is just a happy coincidence and makes it even better for this CLE fan. #wine #cleveland #believeland


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Oh, You’re Disappointed After Eight Seasons?

So there are many people out there who were disappointed with they way the season ended for Game of Thrones.

Eight Seasons

Pull up a chair. Browns fans have some stories to tell you. Here’s hoping we’re at the very beginning of a VERY long renaissance for our team!

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Go Astros

Still having a hard time getting over last night’s sweep. Not sure why but this season’s postseason slump hurts worse than previous years. Maybe it’s cause no one that has a job got to watch any of the games? Talk about a terrible schedule. Oh well… I’m an Astros fan the rest of the way. 

Here's To The Indians

Still love me some Tribe… and now it’s officially Browns and Cavs season in the CLE.

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Kipnis Walks Off in Grand Style

Summer is coming to a close and it’s TRIBE time. The Indians clinched a playoff berth last weekend and Jason Kipnis ended last night’s game with a HUGE exclamation point… a GRAND SLAM walk off which also happened to be his 1,000th career hit. 

Kipnis Walk Off 9.19.2018
Photo Credit: Cleveland Indians Twitter

Give a listen to Hammy’s call… it was glorious. 

Full game highlights below: 

We are all Kipnis-ess. 

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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The Ballpark in Cleveland

I love the Jake… but this is what I think about when I think “ballpark”. Cleveland Stadium, commonly known as Municipal Stadium or Lakefront Stadium, was a multi-purpose stadium built to accommodate both baseball and football. The stadium opened in 1931 and was a four-time host of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, one of the host venues of the 1948 and 1954 World Series, and the site of the original Dawg Pound, Red Right 88, and The Drive. 

Cleveland Stadium

Got a favorite memory Municipal Stadium? Share them in the comments.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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Believe It Cleveland… It Happened

I’m not going to go into it now because if I’m being honest I’m still processing everything that has happened. I’ve gone through a variety of emotions and I’m not quite sure I’ve landed on one yet and the reality it is will most likely be a combination of multiple emotions when all is said and done. That said the title of this post was chosen very much by design. Believe it Cleveland. LeBron is gone. But also believe that he was here and when he was here he got us our championship. Nothing can ever tarnish that. 

Sports Illustrated Believe

That’s, Most Certainly… Cleveland Baby

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ProudDad72 Captures Cleveland

Frank Cramer from ProudDad72 Photography shared this photo back in July of 2016 after the Republican National Convention wrapped up. He had this to say: “This picture was taken around midnight last night. Thursday late night/Friday early morning. I’m so glad Cleveland stayed Awesome for the RNC convention. To all those who thought our city would be crazy and/or destroyed. Cleveland is still shining nice tonight. I was down there every night, what a really cool and different experience #RNC #CLEVELANDRNC #CLEVE”

Cleveland RNC
Photo Credit: Frank Cramer – ProudDad72 Photography


Thanks for Frank for capturing such a stunning image. You can find Frank and ProudDad Photography on Facebook. Give him a like and tell him That’s Cleveland Baby sent you!

That’s Cleveland… and Dallas… Baby

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