Downtown At Dusk – Happy Birthday Cleveland

I ran across this amazing shot on Instagram the other day when scrolling through my timeline.  It was posted by the incredibly talented Mike Waterhouse.  And while Instagram can make even the most novice picture taker look like a pro, Mike is indeed just that.  Dude is AMAZING when he picks up a camera.  I found the original, non-Instagrammed image and that’s what you see below.  You can follow Mike on Instagram, on Twitter at @MikeWaterhouse or on his blog at

If you’re interested, here’s the Instagram photo that I first saw. 

Downtown At Dusk
Photo Credit: Mike Waterhouse

Mike took this photo of the downtown skyline on Cleveland’s 217th birthday on July 22nd, 2013.  I’m a few days late, but I’d like to wish the town I love a very happy birthday.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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