Thank You Baker Mayfield

There’s been a ton of Browns news lately. I’m not going to chronicle it here but I did have to sign off on Baker. I have been and continue to be a huge fan. And while Deshaun Watson is almost certainly an upgrade on the field I can’t help but feel sad that Baker won’t be our QB next year. To me, he embodied everything CLE.

Thank You Baker Mayfield

Thank you, Baker Mayfield, for our 1st winning season in 13 years, our 1st playoff game in 18 years, our 1st playoff win in 26 years, for changing the culture of an 0-16 team and for unlocking our beer fridges.

But most of all… thank you for waking up dangerously.

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Oh, You’re Disappointed After Eight Seasons?

So there are many people out there who were disappointed with they way the season ended for Game of Thrones.

Eight Seasons

Pull up a chair. Browns fans have some stories to tell you. Here’s hoping we’re at the very beginning of a VERY long renaissance for our team!

That’s Cleveland Baby

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The Ballpark in Cleveland

I love the Jake… but this is what I think about when I think “ballpark”. Cleveland Stadium, commonly known as Municipal Stadium or Lakefront Stadium, was a multi-purpose stadium built to accommodate both baseball and football. The stadium opened in 1931 and was a four-time host of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, one of the host venues of the 1948 and 1954 World Series, and the site of the original Dawg Pound, Red Right 88, and The Drive. 

Cleveland Stadium

Got a favorite memory Municipal Stadium? Share them in the comments.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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Corey Coleman – 2016 Draft Night

Basketball is behind us, and the Indians are primed for a stretch run. But let’s be honest… Cleveland is a football town. The Browns first round draft pick Corey Colemen is gearing up for his first NFL season. Coleman was drafted fifteenth overall by the Browns in the 2016 NFL Draft. On May 13, 2016, he signed a four-year, $11.65 million contract.

Corey Coleman 2016 Draft Night

The regular season kicks off on September 11th in Philadelphia vs. the Eagles. How many wins do you think the Browns will get this season?

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Redefining All In

We hear the phrase “All In” quite a bit in Cleveland. This guy redefines the term. With tattoos of the Buckeyes, Indians, Cavs and Browns there’s absolutely no doubt where his allegiance lies.

Definition of All In
Photo Credit: Ohio Beautiful on Facebook

Do you have any Cleveland or Ohio inspired ink? Let us know – we’d love to share it!

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Welcome To Cleveland Corey Coleman

The Browns traded down to acquire additional picks and with the 15th pick in the first round selected wide receive Corey Coleman from Baylor. Welcome to Cleveland Corey!

Corey Coleman

The Browns (as it stands right now) have the first pick in Round 2 of the NFL Draft which resumes this evening. Are you happy with the Browns draft moves thus far?

That’s Cleveland Baby

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And Just Like That, Johnny Manziel Is Gone

The Browns announced earlier today that they have waived quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Manziel
Photo Credit: Getty Images

At least they got the memo that the free agency period has started and they can make moves. All jokes aside, I think it’s fair to say that Manziel is troubled. I wish him nothing but the best in the future.

That’s Cleveland Baby.

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Hue Jackson – Welcome To Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns have named former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson as their new head coach. Jackson has 5 years of NFL experience, including one season as the Oakland Raiders’ head coach.

Hue Jackson
Photo Credit: Joe Robbins / Getty Images

I think it’s fair to say that Hue has a tough job ahead of him. This is simple Hue – win football games. Make progress. Make it so the Browns are not the laughing stock of the NFL. Do that and you’ll be successful in CLE for a long time. Bring us a Super Bowl? You’ll be a legend.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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Happy New Year Cleveland – Another Rebuilding Year

The Cleveland Browns have fired head coach Mike Pettine and general manager Ray Farmer following a 3-13 season.

Mike Pettine
Photo Credit: David Richard / AP

In an open letter to Browns fans, owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam had this to say:

It was important to us that we communicate directly with you regarding our decision to part ways with General Manager Ray Farmer and Head Coach Mike Pettine.  We greatly appreciate Ray’s and Mike’s dedication and hard work while with the Cleveland Browns. We’ve made this difficult decision because we don’t believe our football team and football operations were positioned well for the future. 

We are all disappointed with where we are and clearly understand your frustrations. We take full responsibility and understand you expect better from us. Your support and loyalty to the Browns is beyond compare, and as the stewards of this franchise, we take the task of creating success to heart. We are confident we will build a winning football organization.

Our focus as we move forward is on finding strong, smart leaders with high character who are relentlessly driven to improve our football team, willing to look at every resource possible to improve, and who embrace collaboration to ultimately make the best decisions for the Cleveland Browns.

We will approach the search for our next football coach and executives to lead our football operations with a clear vision regarding what we need to do to build a successful organization. Along with strong leaders, we need to build out a strategic plan, stay disciplined to it, and develop the right systems and processes to make better decisions for short and long-term success. We will be methodical in looking at candidates that epitomize the values we have laid out. While we understand the inherent challenges that come with changes, we’ve learned valuable lessons during our past four years as owners that will help us make sure we provide our team the best people, leadership and resources to succeed.

Our family is deeply committed to bringing you the winning team you deserve while continuing to try and make a difference in the community.

We are excited for the new opportunities ahead of us and embrace the hard work that needs to be done.

Respectfully and gratefully yours,

Dee and Jimmy Haslam

So the question must be asked. Where do the Browns go from here? And more importantly… do you care?

That’s Cleveland Baby… 

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Hope For The Future?

The Browns took the field yesterday to a half full FirstEnergy Stadium (I was there) with Johnny Manziel at the helm. They looked like a football team. They ran the ball, threw the ball and played defense worthy of the Dawg Pound. At least for one day this season, it was great to be a Browns fan.

Johnny Manziel - Browns v 49ers - Joshua Gunter -
Photo Credit: Joshua Gunter –

Did you watch the Browns yesterday? Where do they go in the draft?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Johnny Manziel Will Start For The Rest Of The Season

Yesterday, the Browns named Johnny Manziel as the starting quarterback for remainder of season. Thusfar, he has 933 yards passing, five TDs, two interceptions and an 88.4 rating.

Johnny Maziel Named Starter
Photo Credit: Getty Images

In this Browns fan’s opinion, this is a very good move. We’ve got to see just what we’ve got in ol Johnny Football.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Limping Into The Bye Week

The Browns looked pathetic during a 9-30 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. They limp into the bye week sitting at 2-8 with few potential wins on the remaining schedule. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says no major changes coming during the bye week.

Browns - Steelers 11.15.2015

Looking at the upcoming schedule I’ve got a hard time finding more than 1 additional win.

  • Monday, 11/30/15 vs. Ravens
  • Sunday, 12/6/15 vs. Bengals
  • Sunday, 12/13/15 vs. 49ers
  • Sunday, 12/20/15 @ Seahawks
  • Sunday, 12/27/15 @ Chiefs
  • Sunday, 1/3/16 vs Steelers

Where are the wins? What record do you think the Browns will end the season with?

That’s Cleveland Baby…

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Am I The Only One That Thinks Manziel Should Play?

Josh McCown is NOT the reason the Cleveland Browns have seven losses. He may be the reason they have two wins. McCown is not at 100% and he’s NOT going to be the long term solution but Manziel may be. But we’ll never know if we don’t watch him play.

Johnny Manziel - Money
Photo Credit: AP Photo / Bill Wippert

We need to understand what sort of asset (or liability) we have in Manziel. And the only way we can find out, is to let him play.

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Tito’s Take On Yesterday’s Browns Game

Things are not great if you’re a Cleveland Browns fan these days. The Browns sit at 2-5 after a pretty embarrassing 24-6 loss yesterday. If you look at their upcoming schedule it’s tough to see more than 2 wins coming for the rest of the season. I think this screen grab of Tribe skipper Terry Francona from a late-season Indians game pretty much sums it up.

Tito Gives The Finger

Here’s the upcoming schedule for the Browns:

  • 11/1 vs Cardinals
  • 11/5 @ Bengals
  • 11/15 @ Steelers
  • 11/30 vs Ravens
  • 12/6 vs Bengals
  • 12/13 vs 49ers
  • 12/20 @ Seahawks
  • 12/27 @ Chiefs
  • 1/3 vs Steelers

How do you think the Browns will end the season? There’s always next year… right?

That’s Cleveland Baby

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