The Ballpark in Cleveland

I love the Jake… but this is what I think about when I think “ballpark”. Cleveland Stadium, commonly known as Municipal Stadium or Lakefront Stadium, was a multi-purpose stadium built to accommodate both baseball and football. The stadium opened in 1931 and was a four-time host of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, one of the host venues of the 1948 and 1954 World Series, and the site of the original Dawg Pound, Red Right 88, and The Drive. 

Cleveland Stadium

Got a favorite memory Municipal Stadium? Share them in the comments.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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34 Years After Perfection

34 years ago today on May 15, 1981, Cleveland Indian Len Barker threw a perfect game at Cleveland Stadium. Baseball seating capacity that season was 76,685.  Official paid attendance was 7,290. Yes somehow you can find about 400,000 Clevelanders that “were there”.  Funny how that works isn’t it? 🙂

Len Barker Perfect Game

Len Barker Perfect Game Lineup Card

Regardless of the attendance, it’s an amazing accomplishment. Congrats Len!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Cleveland Municipal Stadium Back In The Day

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and ran across this gem.  My friend was clearing out a box of old photos in a house he’d recently moved into and found this pic of Cleveland Municipal Stadium.  The Indians called Municipal Stadium their home for some 60 years and the Browns for nearly 50 years.  While it wasn’t necessarily the best place to WATCH a sporting event, I’ve got some of my first (and greatest) memories from that site on the shores of Lake Erie.

Cleveland Municipal Stadium
No Instagram Filter Here… This IS Vintage

This particular photo had a date of 1980 on it and looks like its held up great.  I’ve got to say that this is probably my personal favorite rendition of Chief Wahoo.  Got a story of Municipal Stadium you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear it!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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