Cleveland Is All In For The Cavs On Game Day!

The 2015 NBA Finals start tonight and Cleveland is ALL IN!!!

Slider Is All In
Photo credit: Clevelad Indians Facebook Page

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is tonight when the Cavs travel to Golden State (9:00 PM on ABC).

Let’s go Cavs!!!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Slider Says Hello During A Day Game

It’s a great time to be a Cavs fan, but don’t forget we’ve got a couple of other sports teams here in Cleveland! The Indians had a day game yesterday where they beat the Texas Rangers 12-3. The team’s mascot Slider was in the house and threw a wave at Janine!

Slider Waving To Me
Photo Credit: Janine DeFranco Walsh on Facebook

The Tribe is back in action tonight, this time on the West Coast against the Seattle Mariners at 10:10 PM. Roll Tribe!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Let’s Play Two at Progressive Field

In case you didn’t know, the Indians are playing a true double header today against the New York Yankees.  Buy a ticket and you get to watch at least 18 innings of baseball for the price of 9!  That’s a great deal Cleveland!

Progressive Field Sign

The Tribe (as of this post) finds itself tied for first place but with the lowest attendance in the league.  Come on Cleveland… show our Tribe that we love them!

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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The Cleveland Indians #1 Fan – Slider!

We’re well into the swing of baseball season here in Cleveland.  And when you venture down to the corner of Carnegie and Ontario you’re sure to see one super fan making the rounds – Slider!!!

Slider At Progressive Field

I’m not really sure what Slider is supposed to be (aside from a huge Tribe fan) but he does a great job cheering on our Indians.  They’re going for their 7th victory in a row today down at Progressive Field.  Let’s go Tribe!!!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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From Our City To Yours

There are not words to describe the sadness around the events from the Boston Marathon yesterday.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by these tragic events.

The Cleveland Indians posted this photo to their social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) this evening I simply had to repost.

From Our City To Yours
Photo credit: Official Cleveland Indians Facebook Page

In case you can’t read this guy’s sign it says:

“From our city, to your city.
Our hearts and prayers go out to you Boston.
Love, Cleveland”

I quite simply couldn’t have said it better myself.  Here’s to you Boston.  We’re with you.

That’s Cleveland Baby… 

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Thank You Cleveland Browns Fans

If there is one thing that Cleveland is synonymous with its the Cleveland Browns.  No matter how good (not too often in recent years) or bad (all too often in recent years) our Browns are, the fans come to each and every game in droves.  We support our team through think and thin.  Through good and bad draft picks, through endless quarterback controversies and coaching changes the fans continue to file into Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Thank You Cleveland Browns Fans

This pic was snapped on the way out of this past season’s home opener.  This sign always makes me smile as I love it when an organization recognizes it’s fans.  It’s a small token, but for THIS fan, it goes a long way.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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