Fresh Perspective On Downtown Cleveland

Instagram user @cindys1111 took this picture and gives a fresh perspective to this intersection in downtown Cleveland.

Fresh Perspective
Photo Credit: Instagram user @cindys1111

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That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Awesome Intersections – East 9th & Prospect

There are a couple of intersections around town that simply scream “CLEVELAND!!!”.  For me this one is right up there.  When I arrive at the corner of East 9th and Prospect it just feels like home.  Look north and you can see the Medical Mutual building, the Key Bank building and the lake looming in the distance.  Looks south and you can see Progressive Field.  This particular photo looks to the east and shows the Terminal Tower which is in my opinion THE icon of the Cleveland skyline.

East 9th & Prospect

So what do you think… Do you have another favorite intersection in Cleveland?  Send it in and we’ll get it posted!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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