Through The Looking Glass – Tower City & Terminal Tower

This is one of the first That’s Cleveland Baby! pictures I ever took.  I was walking through Tower City one glorious spring morning and looked up through the glass ceiling and saw the Terminal Tower staring me right in the face.  I have to say that no matter how many times I see this view it really does take my breath away.

Through The Looking Glass

I took this one on my iPhone proving once again you don’t need to be a pro photographer to capture something beautiful.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Ridiculous Sunset Over Twinsburg

When I came up with the idea for That’s Cleveland Baby I always intended it to be pictures & stories from not JUST downtown Cleveland, but also it surrounding areas.  That said, when it came time to choose a domain name for the site, or didn’t quite have the ring to them that I was going for 🙂

In any case this is a pic that I snapped in Twinsburg (an eastern suburb of Cleveland if you’re not familiar).

Sunset Over Twinsburg

I’m thrilled to say that this amazing sunset was captured using nothing by my iPhone and is just as I took it… No Instagram filters applied here.  Absolutely stunning.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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