14 Years Later, Cleveland Remembers

The front page of the Plain Dealer on September 12th contained an image of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Images from that day are difficult to look at but I feel it’s important that we do just that. I make sure to share not only images of flags and eagles, but also of the actual attack. It’s the only way that we will truly never forget.

Plain Dealer - September 12th

Do you have a memory of 9/11 you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments.

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Mo Williams ~ I’m Coming Home

It wasn’t quite the news story that we got when LeBron came home, but Mo Williams made a splash on Twitter yesterday when he said those three words Clevelanders love to hear: “I’m coming home!!!!”

Mo Williams
Photo Credit: Joshua Gunter / The Plain Dealer

Williams joins LeBron, Kevin Love and crew for the upcoming NBA season. You can bet we’ll be #ALLinCLE once again!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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‘Not Enough Grit’ ~ The Plain Dealer

I try to keep things very positive here on TCB. We all know that our beloved Cleveland Cavaliers came up short last night in the NBA Finals. They battled to the very end. Playing essentially with only 7 guys the Cavs made a run that has galvanized the city and has us excited for the future.

The Plain Dealer on its front cover chose to tell a different story.

Not Enough Grit - Plain Dealer

I won’t go into this a whole lot, but this is really upsetting to me. They had a chance to embrace the city and this team and they chose to go this route. All I’ll say is this… Does it surprise anyone that no one subscribes any more?

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Here’s Johnny! – Manziel Comes To Cleveland

Today’s photo comes from the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the NFL Draft was last night (the first round that is) and the Browns were VERY busy.  They started the night owning the #4 pick which they promptly traded to Buffalo for the #9 pick a two picks in next year’s draft.  They then traded up to #8 and selected Justin Gilbert.  And they were just getting started.

Johnny Manziel (known as Johnny Football) was touted by some experts as the #1 pick in the draft.  He slid all the way to #22 when the Browns (after some more wheeling and dealing) snagged him.  This AM’s Plain Dealer told an interesting story.  Manziel, who’d slid WAY down below where many thought he would be was the headliner and Gilbert (the best corner in the draft) was a mere afterthought.

Johnny Manziel Comes To Cleveland

What did you think of the Browns draft?  How do you think Manziel will fare in Cleveland?

Here’s a couple of… interesting… pieces I found from around the web:

– Browns Fuck Up Announcement Of Johnny Manziel Pick, Naturally
– Browns Fans Love “Cocky Asshole” Johnny Manziel
– Johnny Football Learns a Little Humility
– Twitter reacts to Cleveland Browns drafting Johnny Manziel
– Nike Football Releases Johnny Manziel Ad That Focuses on His ‘Something Else’
– Even the NFL Is Mocking Johnny Manziel’s Draft Fall

The draft continues through the weekend but I can’t imagine it will be quite as interesting or headline grabbing. Love him or hate him he’ll be a Brown this fall. And then it’s time to see if “Johnny Football” can live up to his name.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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