Cleveland From the West Bank

Check out this simply amazing shot of the clouds over Cleveland from the West Bank of the Flats!

West Bank of the Flats - clevelandgram
Photo Credit: @PMFRIERY on Instagram

This amazing shot of the Cleveland Skyline was posted by Instagram user @clevelandgram. The original was posted by @PMFRIERY.

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That’s Cleveland Baby!

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Downtown Reflection

I got some flack about yesterday’s post because it wasn’t truly “Cleveland”. Yes… it was Akron. No, I’m not suggesting Cleveland and Akron are the same. That said, I wanted to get back to something more Cleveland-centric today so here it is. Talk about an amazing shot! I don’t know who snapped this pic but it captures the essence of downtown perfectly.


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That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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55 Public Square – The Illuminating Building

You just never know what you’re going to see if you’re walking through Public Square in Cleveland.  You just may see one Cleveland icon reflected in another.

This is a picture of the Terminal Tower reflected in 55 Public Square, also known as The Illuminating Building.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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