Cleveland Shines on National Stage

It was a good week for Cleveland. Political affiliations aside, our city received rave reviews as the host of the Republican National Convention. According to “There does seem to be one thing that all of the delegates (and even media members) seem to agree on: Cleveland has been a fantastic host city. Cleveland’s walkability, cleanliness, friendliness and even its weather have drawn nothing but rave reviews.”

Dominick Reuter - Getty Images
Photo Credit: Dominick Reuter – Getty Images

David Gilbert, Destination Cleveland’s president and CEO, said, “For a city like Cleveland that has suffered drastically by a difficult perception, visitation changes perception more than anything else, and that also has to do with people choosing to move here, choosing to locate a business here.” 

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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All The Way To Cleveland

John Kasich defeated Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the Ohio Primary on March 15th. During his victory speech Kasich said, “We are going to go all the way to Cleveland and secure the Republican nomination.”

John Kasich
Photo Credit: BLOOMBERG

We’ve got a long way to go folks.

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Rock Hall Open To Public During RNC For Free?

Crain’s Cleveland Business is reporting that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is getting close to signing a sponsorship deal with AT&T that will open the museum for FREE during the Republican National Convention! Check out the full details here.

Rock Hall - Photo by WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Photo Credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMON / Crain’s Cleveland

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RNC In CLE – We’re Not Ready. Will We Be?

That’s Cleveland Baby is a 100% non-political blog. That said, the Republicans are coming to town and we need to be ready.

Crain’s Cleveland ran a story over the weekend with the following intro:

We’re not ready, but we will be
One year, one month and 18 days. That’s when the nation’s top Republicans, the party’s next presidential candidate, a throng of celebrities and a multitude of media will descend on Cleveland.

It’s spring / summertime so construction is a part of life in Cleveland. This year is especially bad with bridge work, I77 in worse shape than past decades, Public Square, etc. Much of this work is being done in preparation for the Repblican National Convention.

Photo credit: Crain’s Cleveland

Do you think all the work will be done in time? Will it be worth it?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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