Believe It Cleveland… It Happened

I’m not going to go into it now because if I’m being honest I’m still processing everything that has happened. I’ve gone through a variety of emotions and I’m not quite sure I’ve landed on one yet and the reality it is will most likely be a combination of multiple emotions when all is said and done. That said the title of this post was chosen very much by design. Believe it Cleveland. LeBron is gone. But also believe that he was here and when he was here he got us our championship. Nothing can ever tarnish that. 

Sports Illustrated Believe

That’s, Most Certainly… Cleveland Baby

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Sports Illustrated Picks Indians To Win World Series

Sports Illustrated has picked our very own Cleveland Indians to win the World Series this year!!!

SI Picks Indians

What do you think… does the Tribe have what it takes to bring C-Town that elusive world championship?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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