Cleveland Guardians of Beer Coaster Set Kickstarter

To celebrate Cleveland and our amazing craft brew scene, Dang & Bell Design Co has created a set of solid wood coasters perfect for any table. As native Clevelanders they have seen many changes in the city. Cleveland has become a spirited cultural hub, and they are brimming with pride over how far the city has come. They were inspired by all the progress and were compelled to create something that reflected that sentiment. The Guardians of Transportation that overlook Carnegie Avenue have always been a symbol of the city’s strength and resilience. By incorporating this imagery into their coasters, they hoped to capture that spirit.

The Guardians of Beer coasters are a hand crafted and finished, solid wood coaster set. Crafted with longevity in mind, the sets are available in Cherry, Maple, Walnut and Basswood. Each wood was carefully selected with both aesthetics and quality in mind.

You can find (and back) this Kickstarter here:

The Guardians of Beer Coaster Set

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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