Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

There’s a ton to do in Cleveland in the summer… but don’t forget about the suburbs too!  There are a SLEW of things to do, shows to take in, restaurants to dine at and much more just minutes from downtown Cleveland. The Chagrin Valley Little Theatre – – for example has shows running year round!

Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

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That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Ridiculous Sunset Over Twinsburg

When I came up with the idea for That’s Cleveland Baby I always intended it to be pictures & stories from not JUST downtown Cleveland, but also it surrounding areas.  That said, when it came time to choose a domain name for the site, or didn’t quite have the ring to them that I was going for 🙂

In any case this is a pic that I snapped in Twinsburg (an eastern suburb of Cleveland if you’re not familiar).

Sunset Over Twinsburg

I’m thrilled to say that this amazing sunset was captured using nothing by my iPhone and is just as I took it… No Instagram filters applied here.  Absolutely stunning.

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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