Carlos Baerga to Enter Indians Hall of Fame

It was announced yesterday that Carlos Baerga and John Hart will be inducted this summer into the Indians Hall of Fame.  Hart was the architect and Baerga was a piece of one of the greatest teams that has ever stepped onto the baseball field… in Cleveland or otherwise.  I know that I’m biased, but I’ve often said that World Series title or not, I believe the 1995 Cleveland Indians was the best team in the history of baseball.  Period.

Carlos Baerga will be inducted into the Indians Hall of Fame

If you’ve ever heard Carlos give an interview, you know that, “Cargo Bagerga lubs Cleland.”   And Cargo… I’m happy that you’ve made it to the HOF.  You’ve earned it.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Welcome To Cleveland

One of the things that I love about Cleveland is that we KNOW we’re Cleveland.  Let me explain.  In many cities around the country, if there isn’t a recognizable landmark you’d never know what city you were in.  However, in Cleveland, we remind you OFTEN just where you are.  Take this sign from the downtown area… we shout out it out loud… WELCOME TO OUR TOWN!

Welcome To Cleveland

And I have to tell you… it’s a very comforting feeling to be welcomed every time I enter the city.  It is a nice reminder that I’m home.

The CLE+ that’s shown here is the mark of Cleveland + which is, “Northeast Ohio’s first and only regional marketing campaign.”  Check them out on the web at

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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