Tom Hamilton Signs Contract Extension

If you’re a Cleveland baseball fan, you know Tom Hamilton. You may not know what he looks like, but you DEFINITELY know what he sounds like. Tom is the Voice of the Cleveland Indians and today the Tribe announced that he had signed a new multi-year contract extension. Summers at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario never sounded so good. A SWING AND A DRIVE!!!

Tom Hamilton
Photo Credit: Cleveland Indians

The Home Opener is only 12 days away – are you ready for some baseball?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Hot Dogs At The Ballpark

There’s something special about an Indians day game. For me, the sights and sounds of the game aren’t complete until I’ve got my hot dogs!

Opening Day Hot Dog

And for the love of everything holy… don’t forget the mustard!!!

Do you have a Cleveland pic you’d like to share? Upload it here!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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We’re In! October Baseball Here Comes The Tribe!!!

For the first time in 6 years we’ve got October baseball here in Cleveland!  Yesterday afternoon the Indians won their 10th straight game and in the process clinched the top spot in the American League wild card race.  They’ll host the wild card game on Wednesday evening against either the Tampa Bay Rays of the Texas Rangers.  Let’s make sure The Jake (Progressive Field) is packed… Let’s Go Tribe!!!

We're In - October Baseball In Cleveland
Photo courtesy the Cleveland Indians email list and

Will you be at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario on Wednesday night? I know I will!!!

Have a listen to the highlights of the playoff clincher from the best in the biz Tom Hamilton

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Sunset at Progressive Field

If you’ve read any of my stuff here, you’ll know that I’m a pretty big baseball fan.  That said, Progressive Field (Jacob’s Field to me, but that’s another story altogether) holds a special place in my heart.  I ran across this photo on Twitter the other day where user @GirlFromThe216 had is a her Twitter background.  The sunset here showing through the clouds with the Terminal Tower and Progressive Field in the foreground make for an amazing photo.

Progressive Field Sunset
Photo credit Twitter User @GirlFromThe216

What an amazing shot.  Have you been out to Progressive Field yet this year?  If not what’s stopping you?  You could be missing out on a beautiful sunset such as this.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Baseball Is Back In Cleveland – Home Opener 2013

Baseball is back in Cleveland!!!  The Indians opened up their home season yesterday at Progressive Field when they hosted the New York Yankees.  The Home Opener (referred to by the Indians as Opening Day) sold out in only 6 minutes the day tickets went on sale to the general public.  This picture was taken from my seats in section 521 and I was THRILLED to be there.

2013 Progressive Field Home Opener

Downtown Cleveland was packed hours before the game with folks excited about Indians baseball.  The weather was beautiful and even though the Tribe lost I think it’s safe to say that everyone is happy to have baseball back!

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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2013 Indians Home Opener Sunrise at Progressive Field

Today’s the day Indians fans… it’s the 2013 Home Opener!!!  It’s been a long time coming and fans simply cannot wait to return to Progressive Field to cheer on our Tribe!

I saw this beautiful picture on Twitter this morning capturing the incredible sunrise over Progressive Field.  I can’t for the life of me find the tweet so I can’t give proper credit.  If you know who took this photo PLEASE let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.

2013 Indians Home Opener Sunrise

It’s baseball season.  Get out and cheer for our Indians.  Let’s go Tribe!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Opening Day Is a Beautiful Thing In Cleveland

As you well know, the 2013 baseball season is officially here!  The Indians opened up the 2013 campaign on the road with a WIN in Toronto last night.  If the buzz on Twitter for the Tribe was any indication, this town is electric for some Indians baseball this season!

And while Opening Day here in town isn’t until Monday afternoon (4:05 against the Yankees in case you’ve been living under a rock) I just had to post some Progressive Field love.  This pic was actually taken on Opening Day 2011.  As you can see it was a beautiful day.  If the reports hold true we’re in for a similar day next Monday as well.  Let’s go Tribe!!!

Opening Day 2011 At Progressive Field

Who else is excited for some Indians baseball?  Are you going to Opening Day on Monday?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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The Final Countdown… 10 Days Till Opening Day!

It’s been a long and cold off season for Cleveland Indians fans, but we’re finally on the home stretch toward Opening Day for our beloved Tribe.  We’ll be seeing a ton of new faces when the Indians trot onto the field next week and I for one an super excited about this team.

10 Days Until Opening Day In Cleveland
Photo credit: Official Cleveland Indians Facebook Page

For quite a few Clevelanders (myself included) Opening Day is a holiday that we look forward to every single day from the time the previous season ends.  Thanks to the Official Cleveland Indians Facebook page for posting such an awesome photo today.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Carlos Baerga to Enter Indians Hall of Fame

It was announced yesterday that Carlos Baerga and John Hart will be inducted this summer into the Indians Hall of Fame.  Hart was the architect and Baerga was a piece of one of the greatest teams that has ever stepped onto the baseball field… in Cleveland or otherwise.  I know that I’m biased, but I’ve often said that World Series title or not, I believe the 1995 Cleveland Indians was the best team in the history of baseball.  Period.

Carlos Baerga will be inducted into the Indians Hall of Fame

If you’ve ever heard Carlos give an interview, you know that, “Cargo Bagerga lubs Cleland.”   And Cargo… I’m happy that you’ve made it to the HOF.  You’ve earned it.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Thinking About Baseball Season

We’re in the dead of winter here in Cleveland which means cold and gloomy days.  I was going through the hard drive this afternoon and needed a little pick me up… BASEBALL!!!

Opening Day 2012

Who else is looking forward to some Indians baseball this summer?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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