2015 NFL Draft – How Did The Browns Do?

We’re a couple of weeks removed from the 2015 NFL Draft. How do you think the Browns did?

Browns 2015 First Round
Photo courtest officialclevelandsports on Instagram

Here’s a list of the full draft for the Browns:

  • Danny Shelton (DT) – Round 1 Pick #12
  • Cameron Erving (C) – Round 1 Pick #19
  • Nate Orchard (DE) – Round 2 Pick #51
  • Duke Johnson (RB) – Round 3 Pick #77
  • Xavier Cooper (DT) – Round 3 Pick #96
  • Ibraheim Campbell (S) – Round 4 Pick #115
  • Vince Mayle (WR) – Round 4 Pick #123
  • Charles Gaines (CB) – Round 6 Pick #189
  • Malcolm Johnson (TE) – Round 6 Pick #195
  • Randall Telfer (TE) – Round 6 Pick #198
  • Hayes Pullard (ILB) – Round 7 Pick #219
  • Ifo Ekpre-Olomu (CB) – Round 7 Pick #241

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Johnny Manziel In Cleveland – It’s Only Just Begun

Have you been keeping up with the party that is Johnny Manziel in Cleveland?  I won’t bother going over it here… there’s about a billion website that will do a better job.  I’ll just say this… Dude better be able to play.

Johnny Manziel

If not, it’s going to be another long year in Cle…

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Here’s Johnny! – Manziel Comes To Cleveland

Today’s photo comes from the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the NFL Draft was last night (the first round that is) and the Browns were VERY busy.  They started the night owning the #4 pick which they promptly traded to Buffalo for the #9 pick a two picks in next year’s draft.  They then traded up to #8 and selected Justin Gilbert.  And they were just getting started.

Johnny Manziel (known as Johnny Football) was touted by some experts as the #1 pick in the draft.  He slid all the way to #22 when the Browns (after some more wheeling and dealing) snagged him.  This AM’s Plain Dealer told an interesting story.  Manziel, who’d slid WAY down below where many thought he would be was the headliner and Gilbert (the best corner in the draft) was a mere afterthought.

Johnny Manziel Comes To Cleveland

What did you think of the Browns draft?  How do you think Manziel will fare in Cleveland?

Here’s a couple of… interesting… pieces I found from around the web:

– Browns Fuck Up Announcement Of Johnny Manziel Pick, Naturally
– Browns Fans Love “Cocky Asshole” Johnny Manziel
– Johnny Football Learns a Little Humility
– Twitter reacts to Cleveland Browns drafting Johnny Manziel
– Nike Football Releases Johnny Manziel Ad That Focuses on His ‘Something Else’
– Even the NFL Is Mocking Johnny Manziel’s Draft Fall

The draft continues through the weekend but I can’t imagine it will be quite as interesting or headline grabbing. Love him or hate him he’ll be a Brown this fall. And then it’s time to see if “Johnny Football” can live up to his name.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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