Signs Of The Times In Cleveland

If you’ve lived in Cleveland for any length of time, you know that a break in the weather brings not only thoughts of Spring Training but also the dreaded orange barrels. Construction is a necessary evil I try really hard not to bitch about it but when your daily commute essentially doubles overnight the bitterness sets in.

Signs Of The Times

As we said previously, there’s a slew of work going on in Cleveland prepping for the Rebublican National Convention but even if there weren’t the orange barrels would be out in full force. It’s that time of year!

That’s Cleveland Baby

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RNC In CLE – We’re Not Ready. Will We Be?

That’s Cleveland Baby is a 100% non-political blog. That said, the Republicans are coming to town and we need to be ready.

Crain’s Cleveland ran a story over the weekend with the following intro:

We’re not ready, but we will be
One year, one month and 18 days. That’s when the nation’s top Republicans, the party’s next presidential candidate, a throng of celebrities and a multitude of media will descend on Cleveland.

It’s spring / summertime so construction is a part of life in Cleveland. This year is especially bad with bridge work, I77 in worse shape than past decades, Public Square, etc. Much of this work is being done in preparation for the Repblican National Convention.

Photo credit: Crain’s Cleveland

Do you think all the work will be done in time? Will it be worth it?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Proof We Have More Colors Than Just Gray

Wintertime in Cleveland can be downright dreary.  I’ve lived here for a long time so I try REALLY hard not to be the person complaining about the weather in Northeast Ohio.  After all… it’s CLEVELAND.  What did we expect?  This winter hasn’t even been that terrible with the exception of a couple of nasty snowstorms.  That said, I’m still super excited for Spring to hit this year.  It’s just been so gray for so long.

Luckily on my way to work the other day I saw a light at the end of the tunnel… Proof positive that here in Cleveland we do indeed have more that just 50 shades of gray.

No More Gray In Cleveland

Spring is coming!  Opening Day for the Indians is just around the corner and there WILL be a day when we see the sun shine again.  And I for one simply cannot wait.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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