Great Lakes Chillwave Goes To Indy

I’m headed to Indiana next weekend to visit my buddy. He was in Cleveland in the spring and we sampled the amazing Great Lakes Chillwave. I picked up these two four packs for the journey. He’ll be thrilled.

If you’re not familiar with Chillwave, its a seasonal double IPA. Well worth checking out the next time it’s available. Check it out on Beer Advocate.

Great Lakes Chillwave

What’s your favorite local Cleveland beer?

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Rain Soaked East 4th

Doesn’t the rhyme talk about April showers bringing May flowers? What’s up with this rain for what seems like the entire month of June?!?!? Former Cleveland and current New York resident Mike Waterhouse returned to Cleveland recently and snapped this awesome shot of a rain soaked East 4th Street.

Photo credit: Mike Waterhouse via Facebook
Photo credit: Mike Waterhouse on Facebook

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That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Zero Days – Baseball Is Back In Cleveland!

I’ve had this one sitting in my drafts for quite some time now… I’m talking years. And while I’m WAY overdue posting it (even for this season) it’s a shot that I absolutely love. Even though we’re not off to a tremendous start, baseball’s back in Cleveland!

Zero Days

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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A Year Of Weather In Cleveland At A Glance

The weather in Cleveland today is beautiful… it’s in the mid 50’s (56 on my phone right now) and the sun is shining.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if it’s going to last.  I just got an alert from the Weather Channel that’s telling me we’re under a Winter Storm Watch.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a winter storm watch…
4 to 6 inches of snow along with a glaze of ice. 15 to 25 MPH. 

A Year Of Weather In Cleveland
Photo courtesy @GirlFromThe216 on her FB page

Sadly as I’ve lived here for the better part of 30 years, this comes as no surprise to me.

Bundle up folks…

That’s Cleveland Baby

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Time To Get Into A Wahoo Frame Of Mind In Cleveland

It’s been a long, cold winter here in Cleveland.  I try really hard not to bitch about the weather cause let’s face it… we live in Cleveland.  It’s GOING to be cold in the winter.  This year seems to have been particularly tough.  That said, I’m SUPER pumped today because baseball is back!  The Indians hit the field today for their first Spring Training game.  Can’t wait to get back to Progressive Field for some real Tribe baseball!

Chief Wahoo Statue

Are you planning on going to Opening Day in April?

That’s Cleveland Baby!

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The Patio Furniture Will Return To East 4th

Yesterday’s blast of Spring in Cleveland had everyone watering at the mouth for a little break from the gray.  And even though if the weather folks are accurate we’re in for another cold week, it reminded us that we will indeed have patio dining and drinking weather once again!  I didn’t have a chance to get down to East 4th yesterday but I heard from many folks that the patios were poppin.  I went through the old hard drive and found this one.  Anyone else excited for this?

Patio Furniture On East 4th

Spring is on it’s way folks.  Opening Day is around the corner and the St. Pat’s Day Celebrations are planned.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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Proof We Have More Colors Than Just Gray

Wintertime in Cleveland can be downright dreary.  I’ve lived here for a long time so I try REALLY hard not to be the person complaining about the weather in Northeast Ohio.  After all… it’s CLEVELAND.  What did we expect?  This winter hasn’t even been that terrible with the exception of a couple of nasty snowstorms.  That said, I’m still super excited for Spring to hit this year.  It’s just been so gray for so long.

Luckily on my way to work the other day I saw a light at the end of the tunnel… Proof positive that here in Cleveland we do indeed have more that just 50 shades of gray.

No More Gray In Cleveland

Spring is coming!  Opening Day for the Indians is just around the corner and there WILL be a day when we see the sun shine again.  And I for one simply cannot wait.

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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The Weather In Cleveland – All Seasons In a Single Day

It’s often been said that if you don’t like the weather in Cleveland, all you have to do is wait a little while.  This past week we had spring like sun, mist, rain, fog, snow and ice… all in a 24 hour period.

The Weather In Cleveland

This wouldn’t be nearly as funny if it wasn’t so true!

That’s Cleveland Baby!!!

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